Coming May 14th thru 17th in Downtown Plymouth!

In May of 1646 a crew of 80 English pirates (privateers) sailed into Plymouth Harbor with two captured Spanish ships and their cargos. For a month these newly-wealthy buccaneers ate and drank their way through Plymouth’s store of food, beer, wine and spirits; paying generously with captured gold and silver.

Governor William Bradford described their visit this way:
“They spent and scattered a great deal of money among the people, and yet more sin (I fear) then money.”

During this time there were many arrests for drunkenness, a sailor died in a fight with the pirate captain, and the captain was cleared of a murder charge by a military tribunal.

This May 14th – 16th the New Plimmoth Gard and the Plymouth Historical Alliance will reenact this little-known chapter in Plymouth history. Joining in the fun will be two pirate reenactor groups. This will be a full weekend of events including:

• Lecture at Pilgrim Hall “Caribbean Buccaneers in Early Plymouth” presented by Stephen O’Neil, Curator. Thursday at 7PM
• Arrival of the pirates aboard a shallop (launch) at the Waterfront where they are met by the Plimmoth Gard, found to be English and welcomed to the town. Saturday at 10AM
• Pirate and Pilgrim encampment at the Mayflower Society House Friday through Sunday. Come meet Pirates and Pilgrims and find out how they got along.
• Skits reenacting the rowdy pirates, reluctant Pilgrim hosts, the fight fatal between the pirate captain and his sailor and the ensuing trial. Saturday 11AM to 4PM
• Tie-ins with downtown businesses including The Full Sail and Vela Juice Bar

Come see for yourself as we recreate this exciting event!

Presented by

New Plimmoth Gard

Free Men of the Sea

Crew of the Mermayde

The Mayflower Society

Pilgrim Hall Museum

Pilgrim John Howland Society

Plymouth Antiquarian Society

Plymouth First Saturday

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