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Establishment Day, 2018

The New Plimmoth Gard on Establishment Day, February 19th, at Pilgrim Hall Museum, in Plymouth, Ma. We gathered to commemorate the establishment of the colony’s defense, it’s first militia unit. Musket and pike drills, displays, talks, and picture-taking rounded out the day. Many thanks to the museum for hosting us.
We were glad to have Flat Mike present- he hates having his picture taken as much as Real Mike.

Pirates Ashore, 2017

This was an exciting costumed reenactement of the visit of three pirate ships to Plymouth in May of 1646 as described in William Bradford’s “Of Plymouth Plantation”. The “pirates” were English privateers, just back from capturing a number of Spanish ships in the Caribbean, and flush with cargo and cash. The ships were welcomed to Plymouth and stayed about a month, spending money freely, drinking, and fighting. One such fight resulted in the death of a sailor and the trial of the ship’s Captain for murder!