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United Colonies of New England Muster June 2013

There is room in the ranks

Consider reenacting with us- in America’s Home Town. Be right in time for the Quadracentennial

Do you have questions about joining our reenactor group?

Any adult with an interest in history, early military practices, or early colonial settlements. We welcome both men and women. Women can choose to play the role of a man.
Reenacting is a way to present a time period and or a personality based on the underlying history. You do not need to immediately know all the details of the time period or personage. Part of the hobby is building the story. To lower initial cost you can start as a Pikeman. We have the Pikes (a long spear) and perform a historical drill for weapons handling. Your initial cost is your outfit, wool pants that end at the knee, a linen or heavy cotton shirt, and a doublet of some sort. Sewing pattern are available. Our website has links to equipment suppliers.
We attempt to have one activity a month; a meeting, a drill, or an event. Some events are 2 day reenactments.
We are based in Plymouth but have members from other towns on the Cape and the South Shore. We look for events in the southeast Mass but can go farther afield based on member consensus.
New Plimmoth Gard was started to be a way for the individual to take part in the Plymouth 400th Anniversary. While there is a premier living history establishment in town, we provide an opportunity for other citizens to recreate historic Plimoth Colony.
We belong to 2 reenactor organizations to obtain liability insurance coverage, dues to these are $35/ person. Gard dues are $50. That is $85 per year total. Your Gard dues are waived for the first year of membership so you can build your outfit. An outfit could cost a low of $200 or higher depending on your tastes, sewing and bargain hunting skills. IT IS CHEAPER THAN GOLF!

Contact us on Facebook  New Plimmoth Gard   -Give us your Name and Contact info ( email) your interest and If you are older than 18.

Sorry we do not recruit under 18-year olds unless a Parent is also Joining.