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FOR MUSKETS and OTHER WEAPONS  Muskets  Armor helmets swords acessories  Swords and daggers  Armor and weapons  Complete outfitter for English Civil War period (correct time for New Plimoth Gard) Also a good reference for equipment details

Glove City Leathers – Gauntlets / Gloves – Common sense for Musket use and other useful info

CLOTHING , ACCESSORIES AND GENERAL INFO Clothing and accessories (request early 17th century)   Clothing (request early 17th century)

Garb The World  Latchet Shoes  – Clothing and equipment period clothing  Historic clothing patterns clothing and sewing stuff  Clothing and equipment  Socks, period fabric maybe shirts

OTHER UNITS  Kindred period reenactors  Parent organization and support resource  Plymouth Colony Archives  How to maneuver 17c Military units


New Plimmoth Gard

Pirates Ashore!

17th Century North America

17th Century Reenactors

17th Century Reenactors Shop & Swop